The 5212 Project

From 01-01-2022 until 31-12-2022 I will finish one song every week, with every four weeks marking the release of a four-song EP. That’s 52 songs and 12 EP’s in 2022. That’s the 5212 project.

There’s a couple of reasons for me to do this thing. I’ve been making music since I was a teenager and it’s always been a way to create something, to discover emotions in the sounds and to work through stuff I’m dealing with. But the older I get the more I seem to lose the time, motivation and plain courage to just make music because I want to. There’s bills to be paid, people to see and obligations to be fulfilled, but also increasing issues with discipline, looking for my purpose in this life and loneliness that seem to be in the way of carefree music making. That’s why I feel such a great need to commit to something this big. Because it’s something I know that’s a big part of me that I’ve been steadily drifting away from in the last few years. There doesn’t seem another way for me to make a change: it has to be big, because life is biggest thing there is.

On this page I will publish links to all the music I’ll create during this project and write (at least) monthly updates on my findings and feelings on the road to 5212. Keep on keeping on.